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Jiangxi Xiushui Miraculous Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is located along the beautiful Xiu River in a national key forestry county in which the forest coverage rate reaches up to 72.8% and there are still more than 100,000 mu of old-growth forest at present. It is here that Chinese scientists found the magical plant, Cyclocarya Paliurus.

Founded in 1993, Xiushui Miraculous Tea Company was established by the government of Xiushui County to develop the Cyclocarya Paliurus that are made into miraculous tea for drinking among local people, and then it was changed into Jiangxi Xiushui Miraculous Tea Industry Co., Ltd. after restructuring in 2005.

The Company is a global company in the health industry specially engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Cyclocarya Paliurus health protection tea, a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Jiangxi Province and a private-owned technology enterprise in Jiangxi Province. It has obtained the title of the “Famous Trademark” in Jiangxi Province, and famous-brand products in Jiangxi Province; and serves as a standing director unit of China Health Care Nutrition Council and Diabetes Mellitus Health Management Unit of Chinese Diabetes Mellitus Association.In 2020,Qingqian decline tea won the gold medal of the United States Panama World Expo, Cyclocarya Paliurus Tea won the honorary award of the United States Panama World Expo, etc.

Twenty years ago, the Company successfully developed the three kinds of health food made from leaves of Cyclocarya Paliurus, namely Hypoglycemic Miraculous Tea (now renamed as Qing Qian Dikelai Tea), Antihypertensive Miraculous Tea (now renamed as Qing Qian Pulaixue Tea), and Weight loss Miraculous Tea (now renamed as Qiao Ge Ge Sulimei Tea), which obtained the Approval Certificate of Health Food issued by Ministry of Public Health in 1997 and 1998 successively. In addition, it has developed more than 10 types of series products of Qing Qian Miraculous Tea and possesses the GMP, SC and export food health registered certificates. “Qing Qian Miraculous Tea” gets access to the registration of the national protection of marks of origin. Furthermore, the products have been exported to Japan, German, Netherlands, Russia and other countries among which Japan and German published books specially introducing the company and Cyclocarya Paliurus tea including Cyclocarya Paliurus and Diabetes Mellitus Prolapse and Cyclocarya Paliurus, etc.


The Company has been committed to the research and development and innovation of health products, and has obtained two national invention patents. The company’s topic, “Application Research and Development of Cyclocarya Paliurus” was awarded with the second prize of science and technology progress of Jiangxi province in 1999; “Development of Cyclocarya Paliurus Miraculous Tea” won the “fund project for transformation of agricultural science and technology achievements” of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002. Recently, the Company has been working with the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to search for the effective part and mechanism of Cyclocarya Paliurus and Cyclocarya Paliurus hypoglycemic tea from the cellular level. The research results show that the Cyclocarya Paliurus compound (the principal component of Cyclocarya Paliurus hypoglycemic miraculous tea) and Cyclocarya Paliurus simple recipe can promote the multiplication capacity of pancreatic β cells and Cyclocarya Paliurus compound has more obvious effect than that of Cyclocarya Paliurus simple recipe; meanwhile, it also finds that Cyclocarya Paliurus compound has a protective effect towards the apoptosis of pancreatic β cells induced by lipotoxicity. The decline of multiplication capacity and increase of apoptosis of pancreatic β cells are the important causes of diabetes mellitus.

Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Health News, Weekly Health, Enterprise Observer, Securities Herald, China News of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xinhua, People’s Daily Online, China Daily, JXNEWS and other nearly 80 authoritative media have reported a large number of interviews about the Company with the extensive attention and praise from consumers as well as the wide recognition from the industry. Wu Guanzheng, the former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, inscribed “The color of spring overwhelmed the garden; a red apricot grows beyond the wall”, and Qian Xinzhong, the former minister of the Ministry of Health inscribed “The research and development of ‘Qing Qian Miraculous Tea’ benefits human health”.

Based on the historical mission of “health back to life”, Jiangxi Xiushui Miraculous Tea Industry Co., Ltd is dedicated to creating the world’s first brand of healthy drinks.

Qing Qian Tea of Xiushui: The Miraculous Tea of the World!