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Company Culture

Business policy

People-oriented integrity, innovation, pursuit of excellence

Product positioning

Expert quality trustworthy ecological quality shared worldwide

Business philosophy

Green, healthy, safe and efficient

Corporate vision

Is committed to creating the world's top brand of health drinks for the three highest population

Corporate mission

Give health back to life

Why Choose Us

Jiangxi xiushui ShenCha industrial co., LTD  is a professional engaged in cyclocarya paliurus health tea research and development, production and sales in the integration of enterprises, is the agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in jiangxi province, private technology enterprises in jiangxi province, jiangxi province, specialization, the new enterprise, the main raw material of the company's products have obtained the Chinese geographical indications protection of origin and has two national invention patents, The company has obtained GMP, SC and export food hygiene registration certificate, and also won two Jiangxi province "Famous Trademark" title and more than 100 awards at home and abroad. In 2016, the brand value of the company reached 247 million yuan, and the company entered the top 50 tea enterprises in China. 2020 Young Money Brand Dicolai tea won the Gold medal of Panama World Expo, and Green Money Holy Tea brand Qingqianliu tea won the Honorary Award of Panama World Expo.

Company developed in cyclocarya paliurus leaf as the main raw material made of hypoglycemic ShenCha (now renamed as green card money di tea), step-down ShenCha (now renamed as green card money at snow tea) and weight loss ShenCha (now renamed as qiao vanquish a brand element limei tea) three health foods are the ministry of health certificate issued by the health food, and has set up a development of 10 kinds of series products of green money ShenCha, Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, West Africa and other countries, favored by consumers at home and abroad!