Company History

Historical background of the company

  • In 1980s, xu Qing, the deputy director of the Economic Crops Bureau of Xiushui County and an agronomist, found that there was a habit of drinking sweet tea in xiushui county when he was investigating tea resources. Later, under the organization of Shu Huiguo, the then director of the Agriculture Department of Jiangxi Province, By Xu Qing, cold Ren Xuan, a professor at jiangxi college of traditional Chinese medicine, on the basis of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science, the preparation methods of in xiushui cyclocarya paliurus leaves as the main raw material, match into high-quality xiushui mountain tea, supplemented by medicine, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and food preparation ChengQing health tea (namely ShenCha), its preparation method obtains the national invention patent, patent no. : 891000232, pharmacological experiments and clinical verification, qingjian tea (shencha) has the function of preventing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anti-aging and enhancing immunity.
  • In 1990, the new product Qingjian tea (divine tea) was successfully trial-produced in sandu Reclamation breeding farm, and won the New Product certificate and excellent New Product Certificate of Jiangxi Province issued by Jiangxi Economic Commission; The main members of the trial production are: Liu Yunhua, Yang Jianjun, Yang Wenmiao, etc.
  • In 1991, prepared to build jiangxi Qingjian tea refining factory, applied for trademark registration of "Meishan" as shencha (Qingqian tea), and located at sandu Reclamation breeding farm (Yangmeishan).
  • In 1992, registered by the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Jiangxi Qingjian tea refining factory was established, Liu Yunhua was the factory director, Yang Jianjun, Yang Wenmiao was the deputy factory director, then the minister of agriculture and Industry Xia Xiaohua presided over the work.
  • At the end of 1992, planned the launch of the new product (Divine tea), and held a press conference on the promotion of divine tea in Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel on November 18. Shu Huiguo, then vice governor of Jiangxi Province, Meng Jianzhu, then deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal Government, Xu Minghua, then Secretary of Xiushui County Party Committee, Xia Xiaohua, then minister of Agriculture and Industry of Xiushui County, And Yu Yunshui, director of Sandu Reclamation Breeding Farm of Xiushui County, were present to guide the press conference. The first batch of divine tea products were delivered to Shanghai market.
  • In the same year, planned the merger of Jiangxi Qingjian Tea Refining Factory with Xiushui County Agricultural Machinery Factory No. 2. After consultation, both sides reached a consensus that Jiangxi Qingjian Tea Refining Factory merged with Xiushui County agricultural Machinery Factory No. 2 to form a state-owned Jiangxi Xiushui Shentea Group Company.

Development history of the company

  • To develop foreign markets, ShenCha group, a joint venture with American in July 1993 of jiangxi ShenCha industrial company, start of our products are exported to international market, in 1994 the first batch of export tea sold in Japan, after still sold in the United States, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries and regions, products by the FDA, the German ministry of health, Japan ministry approval. The company to repair water to earn foreign exchange.
    The expansion of the market and the increase of production have promoted employment, with nearly 400 new jobs created. The purchase of raw materials has increased greatly, which has increased the income of farmers.
  • In 1994, the company invested in the purchase of green Willow saplings, the establishment of green Willow raw material base, site selection in jiulong village, Huangao township, this county.
  • In 1994, wu Guanzheng, then secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, inspected the company and inscribed: "Spring scenery is full of garden can not keep a red apricot out of the wall".
  • From 1994 to 1995, under the direction of Fan Huaxuan, then president of Xiushui County People's Hospital, preliminary clinical experiments on green money tea (divine tea) were conducted, and preliminary pharmacological analysis of green money tea was conducted by Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • In 1996, the company began to declare "hypoglycemic ShenCha", "buck ShenCha", "lose weight ShenCha (combined)" three varieties of national health approval, at the same time, the three varieties in jiangxi medical college experimental base for the pharmacology, toxicology experiment, confirmed the ShenCha has hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, lipid health care function.
  • In July 1997, the "medicine Health brand" of anti-sugar and anti-blood pressure holy tea was approved by the Ministry of Health. After the country cancels "medicine health brand name", the above two products are approved as health food products.
  • In 1998, "Meishan brand slimming tea" was approved by the Ministry of Health as health food. Due to the relatively weak health awareness of Chinese people at that time, the market of health food began to be extremely difficult, coupled with a large amount of capital in the early stage, so that the company carried a heavy debt burden, the bank stopped lending, and the company was in trouble, for several years, the production and sales have been hovering within 10 million yuan.
  • Materialise, struggling in the domestic market, the international market in 1997, the company teamed up with Japanese joint venture jiujiang green industrial development co., LTD., main attack the Japanese market, the sales income exceeding 30 million, influenced by the 98 Asian financial crisis, declining sales, sales fell to 20 million, after a few years back to within ten million yuan. By 2002, the company was severely insolvent.
  • In December 2002, under the guidance of the county competent department, the reform of the enterprise was put on the company's agenda and a reform team was set up.
  • In July 2003, Jiang Qinghua became the general manager of the company and Xia Xiaohua resigned.
    In August 2003, the company held a general meeting of all workers, the general assembly unanimously passed the resolution, agreed that the company entered bankruptcy proceedings according to law, the implementation of assets auction, raising funds needed for restructuring and staff resettlement.

Enterprise restructuring is a historical necessity

  • Under the background of national economic system reform, the modern enterprise system must replace the old enterprise system. In November 2004, the company applied for bankruptcy to the county court in accordance with the law, and set up a bankruptcy liquidation team. The liquidation result showed that Shencha Group was seriously insolvent and qualified for bankruptcy. The county court declared Shencha Group bankrupt and issued a public announcement.
  • It is worth mentioning that in this special period related to the vital interests of the company's employees, all the employees have a deep sense of righteousness, emotional stability, the company's production and operation is normal, and actively cooperate with the restructuring work, so that the restructuring work can be carried out smoothly.
  • April 30, 2005, the county court ruled that the scheme of bankruptcy procedure, June 6, the company's assets for public auction, svala President cowen by Beijing Orient science and technology development co., LTD., the same year in August, jiangxi ShenCha group co., LTD renamed xiushui county of jiangxi province ShenCha industrial co., LTD., registered capital of 10 million yuan, legal representative svala in ms.

CEO Wen Yan has injected new vitality into Shencha with new management concept and strong economic strength.