Ginger Tea Prevent Colds Boost immunity

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[Ingredient]cyclocarya paliurus leaf, ginger, elsholtzia
[Net content / specs]60g ( 3g * 20 pouches)
[Taking method] take one to 2 pouches of the product into a cup, make tea with boiling water. Add water for several times.
[Manufacture date]
[Warranty period]24 month
[Storing method]Sealed in dry place without sun
[Voluntary standards]GH/T1091-2014
[Manufacturer]Jiangxi Xiushui Miraculous Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
[Production address] No.50, Dongmen Road, Xiushui County
[Contact phone]0792-7221750
[Food production license number]SC11436042410170

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Jiangxiang Tea is health drinks refined by advanced food processing techniques after medicine experts’ years of painstaking research, based on the traditional theory of the Chinese medical and food therapeutic healthcare and modern medicine principles. Tea for cold is made from unpolluted tender leaves of cyclocarya paliurus leaf, ginger, elsholtzia. These ingredients are matched scientifically.

The medicinal value of ginger: it has effects on digestive system, circulatory and respiratory system, central nervous system, disease-resistant microbial, antioxidant and so on. Ginger can inhibit tumor, appetizer spleen, sterilization detoxification, anti-carsickness, migraine, prevention and treatment of dandruff to relieve waist and shoulder pain, facial acne, sterilization detoxification and so on.

Elsholtzia can warm the stomach, sweat to relieve heat, water, water detumescence, divergent wind chill, and antibacterial effect.

After scrutinous inspections and examinations, it is found that the product contains a variety of compounds such as polysaccharides, amino acids, flavones, etc.In addition to several trace elements, such as zinc,selenium, germanium, etc.

As a tall and deciduous tree, Cyclocarya Paliurus is also a rare and ancient tree species. After suffering the harsh climate of the Glacial Epoch in the Quaternary Period millions of years ago, Cyclocarya Paliurus only scattered in a few areas of Yangtze River Basin of China in the world and Xiushui, Jiangxi is its main growing area. Leaves are alternate and odd pinnate with sweet taste and the infructescence is like long strings of copper coins, so it is called as sweet tea tree and money tree in the folk.

Coriander has eliminated harmful substances in the blood, prevent and cure acne; Relieve the symptoms of cystitis, and gynecological diseases.

Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, appetizing and waking up the spleen; Boil coriander root in water to help reduce fever.Detoxification; To fishy flavor, stomach digestion.

Ginger is used as a spicy vegetable and the dried root is used to make tea. Ginger warms the stomach, helps with the absorption of food and helps curb nausea, and chewing ginger is said to prevent motion sickness better than any medicine.

Ginger tea has a pungent aroma and can promote blood circulation in the extremities. It is recommended for people who are afraid of the cold to drink more. It’s also good for nausea, but only 1/2 a cup of tea. Ginger can also be sliced into thin pieces, take two or three pieces in the mouth chewing.

Europeans seem to think ginger has a sweet taste and is often used to make biscuits or bread. It promotes digestion, strengthens circulatory system, alleviates nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness and chills.

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