Jiangxi Xiushui Qingqian Shencha Science and Technology Innovation Cultural Industrial Park phase II construction contract signing ceremony

On the morning of May 29, 2022, the signing ceremony of the second phase project of Qingqian Shencha Scientific Innovation Cultural Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Qingqian Shencha Tea Park) of Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province was held in the conference room of Jiangxi Xiushui Shencha Industry Co., LTD. Project construction unit jiangxi xiushui ShenCha industrial co., LTD. Main leadership Chen Yan, Chen Siyang guangxi with construction unit such as song, head of the green room engineering co., LTD is mainly wen-jun wu, mention both sides strengthen in-depth cooperation, promote the green money god tea garden project construction schedule, control project quality and safety issues such as exchange of views and reached consensus.


Leaders of Xiushui Shentea Company put forward several requirements for the construction of Qingqian Shentea Garden project at the signing ceremony:

One is to achieve “three high”, namely high standard, high starting point, high quality, casting high-quality projects, build green projects.

Second, the quality of the project construction should be done well, and the project should be built into high-quality projects.

Third, to ensure production safety, safety management work to unremitting.

Fourth, on the premise of ensuring quality and safety, accelerate the construction progress, fully reflect the professional level of Fengge Green House engineering construction company.

Fifth, environmental protection work should be implemented into the whole process of project construction.


The signing of the construction contract of the second phase project of Qingqian Tea Garden marks that the project construction of Qingqian Cultural and scientific Innovation Park in Xiushui County has taken a bigger step and entered the full implementation stage of the second phase project, blowing the horn of battle charge. Project construction will play their own advantages, optimize the allocation of resources, to strengthen the construction, efforts to overcome difficult, scientific organizations, rapid, orderly and high-quality and efficient to complete the project construction tasks, control system for repairing the water god Qian Wenhua kechuang garden project staff will be adhering to the “pure, sincere, better, update the” spirit of enterprise, Scientific organization, careful planning, high point positioning, high standard pressure, and strive to build the project as a model of the county’s benchmark industrial projects.

Post time: Jun-16-2022