The launching ceremony of Qing Qianliu’s sketches was held at the Slovak Embassy in China

On November 10th by the slovak embassies, Beijing lu and calligraphy and painting culture exchange center, xiushui county, jiangxi province ShenCha industrial co., LTD., guizhou grain world wine industry co., LTD., in collaboration with the Chinese culture promotion association of guilin "wonderful hand write" Chinese painter invitational exhibition and cyclocarya paliurus theme creation sketch launching ceremony held in Slovakia's embassy in Beijing.


Mr. Duchamp Bela, Ambassador of Slovakia to China; Mr. Zheng Shanlu, vice president of the National Academy of Ethnic Painting and researcher of the Central Museum of Literature and History; Wang Gangqing, Professor and doctoral supervisor of Fine Arts College, Capital Normal University; Ms. Fan Yibing, member of Chinese Artists Association and vice chairman of Haidian Artists Association; Mr. He Junwei, vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of the Democratic League and vice Chairman of xicheng Artists Association; Mr. Chen Zhonglin, member of Chinese Artists Association and tutor of Renmin University of China; Mr. Zhang Chi, director of Beijing Artists Association and deputy secretary general of Haidian Literary Association; Ms. Jing LAN, full-time painter of the National Academy of Ethnic Painting and member of the Chinese Artists Association; Ms. Wen Yan, vice chairman of Artists' Association of China Forestry Literary and Art Federation, Executive Director of Beijing Lugong Painting and Calligraphy Cultural Exchange Center, vice chairman of Guilin Chinese Culture Promotion Association; China film association, member of Chinese artists association, member of poem calligraphy art committee of China television artists association consultant ms jin-ling zhang and China television artists association, arts council, executive vice President and secretary general, vice chairman of the Chinese traditional culture image communications commission, writer, screenwriter kropp attended the activities such as ms.

In the forum, Ambassador Duchamp Bela first introduced the exhibitions that the Art Center had done, the friendship between China and Sri Lanka and his understanding of Chinese painting, etc. Zheng Shanlu, Fan Yibing, He Junwei and other painters attending the forum talked about the tradition and development of Chinese painting and the sustainable development of cultural exchanges between China and Sri Lanka in the future. During the event, Zheng Shanlu, Wen Yan, Chen Xiaojun, Chen Zhonglin and Jing LAN donated a Chinese painting to the Slovak Embassy, and Ambassador Duchan Bela presented each artist with a signature collection certificate.

Post time: Jun-16-2022